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STS is excited to provide teachers with resources on the chlorine chemistry industry to use in your classrooms.


Chlorine - Chemistry’s Science Center:

Providing a list of educational resources developed by the Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its partners, these modules and classroom activities are designed to help educators teach and discuss chemistry and risk education in their classrooms.

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Chlorine - The Element of Surprise:

Chlorine chemistry continues to transform the world in ways that may surprise you. From your medicine cabinet to your dinner table; from your car to the subway; from your smart phone to solar panels; learn how chlorine is the ultimate element of surprise.

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Gateway To Education

The Chlorine Science Center is your gateway to other great educational resources on the web. Click here for a list of other great online sources of information, sorted by general category.

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Solutions through Science is following a variety of important issues in todays news:


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