Our members contribute to Louisiana’s economy by providing good-paying jobs, supporting local activities, and paying state and local taxes to help fund needed community services.


Chlorine chemistry companies in the state invest in the people of Louisiana:

Total Employees: 61,000

Total Wages: $1.5 Billion

We employ men and women who live in our local communities and who, in turn, support local economic development and growth. Our employees are active in their local communities, contributing funds for books and computers in our libraries, volunteering as tutors in local schools, and sponsoring community events such as science fairs and safety camps for children.



STS member companies are important contributors to both the local and state economies. Our members form an important part of the greater chemical manufacturing presence throughout Louisiana and the contribution of the chlorine chemistry producers and users in the state is significant.

Total Sales: $23.2 Billion
Fixed Investment: $9.8 Billion
Federal Taxes: $199.8 Million
State and Local Taxes: $33.6 Million


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