Environmental performance is one of our primary performance measures. STS member companies invest in clean and high-tech equipment, which helps us reduce the amount of emissions. Up-to-date technology includes computer-operated control rooms and systems that are designed to automatically shut down the process if a problem is detected. Our plants are safe, and our performance is due to the hard work and dedication of the men and women who work in our facilities.


Backyard Trash Burning Brochure

Many Louisiana residents burn household waste in 55-gallon barrels or directly on the ground not fully realizing the practice is harmful to their health and to the environment, as well as illegal in both populated and rural areas. Solutions Through Science, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, designed a brochure to assist people in recognizing the dangers of backyard trash burning and to offer environmentally safe alternatives to recycling their trash. To view the brochure and learn more about the dangers of backyard barrel burns click this button:

PDF Brochure


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