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Stay Prepared this Hurricane Season

Solutions Through Science Provides Important Water Safety Information on Hurricane Preparation and Clean-up.

As we enter the 2017 hurricane season, Solutions Through Science (STS), a partnership of chlorine-alkali producers and users in Louisiana, continues to offer helpful and timely reminders to the residents of Louisiana about important water safety precautions. Residents should be prepared to secure and maintain clean, safe water in case of a severe weather event, and throughout post-disaster recovery.

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Chlorine Production

Why is chlorine produced?

It is not an exaggeration to say that chlorine and chlorine chemistry—the use of chlorine in chemical processes—are essential to everyday life. Chlorine is used in a vast array of chemical processes to create thousands of often indispensable products.

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Rail Transportation FAQs

We believe that Congress and the Administration should promote greater competition in the freight rail industry. Healthy competition and free markets can lead to better and more efficient service and help strengthen the U.S. economy.

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The Importance of Salt Domes on Louisiana’s Economy

Where are salt domes located?

Salt domes are found in a wide range of areas worldwide, generally at depths below the water table (the top of the groundwater or aquifer surface) but also further inland. Hundreds of salt domes have been identified along the Gulf Coast.

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The Dangers of Backyard Trash Burning

What is backyard trash burning?

Backyard trash burning is used by many families to get rid of household waste and other trash, especially in rural areas where trash pick-up services are not provided or convenient. Typically done in 55-gallon steel barrels or directly on the ground, backyard trash burning is harmful to the environment because it releases pollutants that are much better controlled by modern municipal incineration.

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