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This is the hospital that we built using products made from chlorine chemistry in Louisiana! As you go from page to page through the hospital, move the mouse over the stars to see what products are made using chlorine chemistry.


How to read this book?

This is a book of discovery! Turn pages using the arrows on the outside of each page or click on the book corners. On each new page, discover a variety of ways that Solutions Through Science is applied to the rooms, equipment and furnishings of the hospital by hovering your mouse over the items.


Solutions Through Science

is a partnership of chlorine and chlor-alkali producers and users in Louisiana. STS works closely with the Louisiana Chemical Association and the American Chemistry Council's Chlorine Chemistry Division. Our companies manufacture and use the chlorine that goes into every day products in your home.


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Solutions Through Science's member companies manufacture and use the chlorine that goes into the products you want, need, buy, and use. From the lobby to the operating room; from medical equipment and supplies to computers learn how many ways chlorine chemistry improves your quality of care.

Take a look around our hospital to see how many products made from chlorine chemistry we all use every day.

Front of the Hospital

We begin with a few things you'll find before you step inside the facilities - and a couple things you might find on the steps!

Inside the Hospital:

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Vinyl windows perform extremely well in comparison to alternative framing materials in energy and thermal efficiency ratings.


Wallcovering is durable, easy to clean and comes in many patterns and textures.


Pen cases are inexpensive and durable, and their inks are made using chlorine chemistry.


Telephone casings and the coverings of the phone cables are made of versatile vinyl.


Paper products and printing inks are made using chlorine chemistry.


Chairs stand up under the heavy use of hospital waiting rooms and come in many styles. and colors.


Ceramic planters are manufactured using chlorine chemistry.


The nylon fabric used for flags and their fade resistant dyes is made using chlorine chemistry.

Cell phones

Cell phone casings are strong and protect the delicate components from falls and bumps.


Caustic soda, a by-product of chlorine, is used to make cement.

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Containers made of durable vinyl are easily cleaned and can be used again and again.

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards allow for clear viewing while protecting food from germs spread by sneezes and coughs.

Food & Drink Flavorings

Soft drink syrups and flavorings are made using chlorine chemistry.

Food Trays

Food trays are strong, lightweight, and easily cleaned.

Condiment Bottles

Condiment bottles are flexible, colorful and can be easily cleaned.


Nearly all shapes and styles of windows are available with vinyl framing. Vinyl windows can be customized to meet the size requirements of an individual project or design.

Light Fixture Covers

Light fixture housings made of vinyl can be formed in many shapes and colors and are durable, weather resistant and lightweight.

Emergency Medical Equipment

Emergency technicians rely on vinyl products, such as inflatable splints, surgical gloves, thermal blankets and inhalation masks to do what they do best - save lives.

IV bags & Face Masks

IV bags, inflatable splints and inhalation masks are made of tough, durable vinyl.

Stretcher Rails

Stretcher rails made of vinyl are strong and maintenance free.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are durable and tough enough to stand up under hard use.

Seat Belts

Seat belts keep us safe and secure, and they are made using chlorine chemistry.


Chlorine chemistry is used in the manufacture of reflective mirror backing..


Upholstery stands up under heavy use and is easily cleaned - an important factor in ambulances.


Automobile tires are safe and dependable because they are made using chlorine chemistry.

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Vinyl rivals traditional materials like wood in applications like glass doors because vinyl provides comparable or better energy efficiency, aesthetics and design flexibility.


Fabric that is used to make curtains and the long-lasting dyes is made using chlorine chemistry.

Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture withstands all kinds of weather conditions.


Vinyl parts on wheelchairs are strong and durable.


Vinyl decks offer slip-resistant surfaces, and since vinyl does not splinter or have rough edges, it is safe and ideally suited for decks.


Mother Nature isn't a challenge for vinyl awnings. They come in lots of colors and can withstand blistering sun to help keep our hospital playground a beautiful and shady place to have lots of fun!


Prescription eyeglass lenses are made using chlorine chemistry.


Vinyl helps make sneakers lightweight and durable.

Play Sets

Vinyl parts on playground equipment are strong and durable. They don't have splinters, and they never need painting.

Hospital Carts

Hospital carts are lightweight, easily cleaned and durable.

Playground Squares

Bright and colorful playground squares made from vinyl and protect children from injury.

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Vinyl blinds are durable, easily cleaned and never rust.

Paper Towels

Paper products, such as paper towels, are made using chlorine chemistry.

Name Badge

Name badges made of vinyl are inexpensive and easily noticed.

Window Cleaner

Window cleaner made with chlorine chemistry keep windows clean and sparkling.


Vinyl windows are resistant to rot, rust, corrosion, blistering, flaking and infestation by termites or other insects.


Pacifiers are tough, flexible and easily cleaned.


Chlorine chemistry is used in the manufacture of coolants that help air conditioning units keep buildings cool during the hot summer months.

AC Unit

Vinyl housing for AC units is strong and never needs painting.

Garden Supplies

Because vinyl can withstand heavy use and changing temperatures, it is an excellent choice for outdoor garden equipment.


Chlorine chemistry is used in the manufacture of products that keep gardens free of unwanted insects.

Herbicides & Pesticides

About 96 percent of all crop protection chemicals use chlorine in the manufacturing process.


Fabrics made using chlorine chemistry are made into caps that protect workers from hot sun and the winter winds.


Vinyl boots are tough, lightweight, waterproof and long lasting.

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Back of the Hospital

Here we find that every day maintenance is performed with products using chlorine chemistry! And as we explore a little further we find that in today's modern hospital many of the items that we use every day are as well.

Hover your mouse over the stars to learn more about the various chlorine products:

  • Window Cleaner
  • Window frames and shutters
  • Air Conditioning Unit
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Rubber boots and so much more!

Then continue through the book and into the hospital to discover everything beneath the stars!

Hey Kids - Want to Build the Hospital?

We've made it easy for you and fun too! Click on the links below to download a copy of the house that you can cut out and glue together:

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Heavy-duty vinyl wallcoverings are recommended wherever walls are subjected to severe abuse, such as high-traffic areas in healthcare and institutional settings. Vinyl protects walls, wears longer than paint and is less expensive to maintain.

Sign Covers

Covers for signs are clear and protect signage in public places.

Security Cameras

Security camera cases are often made of resilient vinyl. The cables are coated with flexible, flame-retardant vinyl, and the film is made using chlorine-based products.

Restroom Signs

Signs are colorful and easy to read.

Fire Extinguishers

Chlorine is a component in the manufacture of fire retarding agents.

Chair Rail

Vinyl wall guards, chair rails, corner guards and kick plates complete the protective wall system.

Vinyl-Backed Mats

Vinyl backing on doormats makes them durable enough to hold up under heavy foot traffic in a busy hospital lobby.


Chlorine chemistry is used to make the keyboard monitor and other parts of the computer. This technology helps us to monitor all of our patients.


Vinyl is used to make wristwatch cases and watchbands because it is strong and resilient and can be formed into many shapes and colors.


Affordable nylon hosiery is made using chlorine.


Vinyl flooring is tough, resistant to scratching, scuffing, staining, indentation and other daily abuse. This durability is especially critical in commercial settings where routine wear and tear take their toll on floors. These slip-resistant surfaces can be easily cleaned.

Orthopedic Shoes

Vinyl is one of the many components used to make orthopedic shoes.

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Paint manufactured using chlorine products is durable, and its colors stay bright under hard use and frequent cleaning.


Vinyl in walking canes makes them light and strong. Vinyl tips also are strong and long lasting.

Prosthetic Limbs

Chlorine-based plastics are used to make thousands of prostheses that surgeons use to improve the lives of patients every day.

Refrigerator Coolant

Chlorine is used in the manufacture of coolants that help to keep refrigerator and cooler contents cold.


Vinyl parts on walkers help make them light and strong.

Wall Protection

Today's vinyl is as attractive as wood - without all the maintenance. It is available in a multitude of colors and textures and can be molded to look like wood.


Signs are lightweight, affordable and attractive.

Tamper-proof Shrink

Vinyl is used to make the shrink bands commonly used on over-the-counter products to alert consumers to possible tampering.

Name Tags

Name tags made of vinyl stay bright and easy to read, even after constant use.

Brochure Racks

Brochure racks are lightweight and hold up when dropped or overturned.

Prescription Medications

Pharmaceuticals are made using chlorine; including medications that treat heart disease, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, pneumonia, depression, diabetes, allergies, meningitis, glaucoma, osteoporosis and ulcers.

Carpet Backing

Carpet backing lasts under the constant traffic of a hospital pharmacy.

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Our clocks are always ticking, thanks to vinyl. Vinyl covering protects the clock to ensure that it keeps working.


Vinyl is compatible with virtually all pharmaceutical products used in healthcare facilities today. It also has excellent water and chemical resistance, helping to keep solutions sterile.


Chlorine-based compounds clean and disinfect work surfaces and equipment in medical laboratories.


Soap, one of the frontline defenses against spreading infections in hospitals, is made using chlorine chemistry.

Test Tube Racks

Vinyl can be thermoformed to create a wide variety of applications, such test tube racks.

Test Tubes

Vinyl is compatible with virtually all pharmaceutical products used in healthcare facilities. Its excellent water and chemical resistance makes it an excellent choice for general-purpose lab ware.

Biohazard Disposal Containers

Disposable containers can be found all around the hospital because they are protective enough to contain items that may cause disease and infection.

Syringe's Vial

Sterile, disposable, single-use vinyl medical products help limit the possibility of infection.

Squeeze Balls

Versatile vinyl can be shaped into many shapes and textures, such as the squeeze balls blood donors use to make donating blood easier.


Antiseptic contains chlorine that helps keep us safe during surgical procedures.


Tough castors on office chairs are long lasting and durable and are ideal in a busy hospital lab.

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Chlorine plays an important role in x-rays. It is a component of silver chloride that is used in the film.

Clean Water

Just as water is essential to life, chlorine is essential to safe water.


Sodium hydroxide, a by-product of chlorine, is used to make soap.


Anesthesia, such as Anactine
Flopak, is made with chlorine.

Hospital Scrubs

Chlorine chemistry helps to make fabrics for hospital scrubs. Using dyes made of chlorine, scrubs can be made out of many colors and patterns.

IV Bags

Critical intravenous fluids are packaged in clear, flexible vinyl bags.

Blood Bags

Life-giving blood is packaged in clear, flexible vinyl bags that extend the shelf-life of blood products.


Pliable vinyl tubing can be shaped to any requirement-helping doctors direct care wherever it needs to be delivered.

Sutures and Bandages

Chlorine helps make nylon, an essential material in surgical sutures and the materials used for bandages.

Thermal Blankets

Just in case an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, our medical staff relies on vinyl medical blankets to keep you warm and comfortable during your stay.

Sterile Packaging

Chlorine-based plastics are used to make sterile packaging.


Vinyl Insulation allows doctors to use their medical equipment in damp conditions and protects them during periods of high-voltage use. Chlorine also provides one of the crucial building blocks in the manufacture of life-saving, electronic instruments.

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Magazine Racks

Magazine racks are light and durable.

Growth Charts

Growth charts are durable and lightweight.

Wall Coverings

Vinyl wall coverings can withstand scrubbing, making it easy to clean.

Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes contain chlorine products that kill harmful bacteria on hands and objects.


Vinyl upholstered sofas are easy to keep clean and bacteria free.


Toymakers around the world have been using vinyl for nearly 50 years to make some of the best-known and most popular toys.

Tables and Chairs

Vinyl furniture is strong, lightweight, durable and is available in many colors.

Bean Bag Chair

Coverings for bean bag chairs are tough and flexible and come in many bright colors.


Vinyl-backed carpet is extremely durable and moisture resistant (which helps keep our hospital sanitary).

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Decorative Borders

Vinyl wallcoverings come in an unlimited range of colors and textures. They are also strong and easily cleaned.


Posters covered in vinyl last longer because it resists fading and helps keep colors bright - you can be sure that your skeleton poster looks just right!

Blood Pressure Gauges

Vinyl parts in blood pressure gauges are durable and dependable.

Paper Table Covering

Chlorine pulp and paper bleaching makes paper whiter.

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers come in many shapes and colors.


Ninety-eight percent of U.S. public water supplies are made clean and safe with chlorine-based disinfection.


Vinyl parts in stethoscopes are light, strong and durable.


Vinyl gloves are flexible and prevent the spread of infectious germs to keep patients and doctors healthy and safe.

Ear Thermometer Tips

Sterile, disposable, single-use vinyl medical products help limit the possibility of infection.

Waste Baskets

Vinyl wastebaskets are light, durable and inexpensive. They are easily cleaned and come in many sizes and colors.

Cabinet Pulls

Vinyl furniture hardware is strong, inexpensive and can be molded in unlimited shapes and colors.

Exam Tables

Vinyl examinations table covers are comfortable, durable and easily cleaned - a must in a hospital exam room.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Commercial sheet floor installations offer sealed or welded seams that prevent contaminates from lodging in the seamed area. With fewer seams than most other hard-surfaced floors, bacteria has few places to hide and grow.

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Chlorine chemistry helps to make televisions work. Learn Even More!

Cable Wires

Vinyl-covered cables safety connect to your TV set, your dvd player and home theater systems.


Camera casings and cables are made from versatile vinyl.

Baby Bottles

Vinyl disposable baby bottles are lightweight, inexpensive and can be discarded after one use. With disposable bottles, there is no need to sterilize and reuse bottles.

Bed Railings

Vinyl bed railings are strong and durable and never have to be painted.


Fabrics, such as towels, are made using chlorine chemistry.

Wash Basins

Vinyl can be easily and economically formed into disposable hospital equipment such as wash basins.

Bed Pans

Vinyl can be extruded, blow-molded or thermoformed to created a wide variety of applications such as bed pans.


Vinyl mattress pads help keep mattresses clean.

Bed Bumpers

Bed bumpers are made of tough and durable vinyl to stand up to bumps and to protect walls.


Virtually any look can be obtained to suit any décor, including classic looks that simulate wood and ceramic.

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Paint made with chlorine chemistry is durable and stands up to humid conditions and frequent cleaning.


Mirror backings are reflective because they are made using chlorine chemistry.


Vinyl-coated shelving is attractive, easily cleaned and it never needs painting.

Shower Stalls

Vinyl shower stalls are easy to clean and maintain.

Shower Heads

Vinyl parts in showerheads don’t rust and last for years under heavy use.

Shower Curtains

Vinyl shower curtains come in many colors and are tough enough to stand the heavy use of patient rooms.


Deodorants and cosmetics are made using chlorine chemistry.


More than 200 million Americans rely on chlorine every day to give them safe water for brushing their teeth and bathing.

Handicap Guard Rails

Handrails guard against falls in a hospital bathroom and are strong enough to withstand the constant use from patients.

Cleaning products

Chlorine-based household cleaners and bleach are essential in keeping hospitals clean and killing harmful bacteria.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe will never rust, scale, pit or corrode. It keeps maintenance costs low and prevents contamination to the water it transports. It is one of the most durable and reliable materials on the market today.

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats and handicap lifts are durable and easily cleaned.


Shampoos and other personal hygiene products are made using chlorine.


Vinyl baseboards come in many colors and never need painting. They stand up to bumps and bangs from hospital beds and wheelchairs.

Cleaning buckets

Vinyl cleaning buckets are lightweight, strong and rustproof. They easily withstand the strong cleaning agents that are used in a hospital setting.


With different colors and finishes available, vinyl tile is available in shapes that can be custom cut and laid out in different patterns.

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Smoke Detectors

Many of the components of smoke detectors are made of vinyl, including the housings and wiring.

Ceiling Tiles

Vinyl ceiling tiles are durable, lightweight and energy efficient.


Newly developed chlorinated compounds are being used to make more affordable, easier-to-install building fire sprinkler systems.

AC Vents

Vinyl AC vents are lightweight, never rust and never need painting.

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Vinyl Membrane Roofing

Cost-competitive reflective roofing reduces energy use.


Nylon windsocks are made using chlorine chemistry.

Reflective Paint

Helicopter pilots know exactly where to land thanks to reflective paint made possible through chlorine chemistry.

Stair Treads

Vinyl stair treads help prevent slips and stand up under hard use and adverse weather conditions, such as sun, heat and rain.

Stair Railings

Vinyl offers a lower maintenance and more durable alternative than the traditional materials for railings.


Dependable batteries, such as those used in revolving lights on helipads, are manufactured using chlorine chemistry.

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