Our History


Solutions Through Science is the only organization of its kind in Louisiana, solely representing the chlor-alkali industry. Since its formation in 2000, STS has vigorously promoted the industry and chlorine products in Louisiana, as well as successfully advocated on legislation, executive orders and other government actions that directly affect business operations.

STS maintains a visible presence in the state by educating the public about the positive impacts chlorine products have on society through public speaking engagements, school competition sponsorships, and diverse print and online materials.


Some highlights of our activities through the years include:
  • Spreading the word about the direct value member companies bring to the state and the additional economic impact of indirect jobs and investments associated with supporting and supplying these companies.
  • Supporting the jobs of more than 61,000 Louisiana residents, which produce nearly $1.5 billion annually in wages.
  • Supporting legislation that protects locally produced building products from prohibitive building standards. STS also successfully safeguards the continued use of vinyl products in state construction projects.
  • Working with state agencies to ensure their policies reflect the vital role the chlorine industry and its manufactured products play in Louisiana.
  • Partnering with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health and Hospitals to produce a brochure on the hazards of backyard trash burning. The brochures have been distributed to thousands of people around the state.


Solutions through Science is following a variety of important issues in todays news:


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