Mentorship Academy Students Create Short Film About “On the Shoulders of Giants” Mural

From:   2016-06-06

Baton Rouge, LA – Film and music production students at the Mentorship Academy have published a promotional video that explores the creation and impact of the Walls Project Mural #21, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” which was completed July 2015 on the six-story facade of the STEAM high school’s downtown building. The video features Solutions Through Science Chairwoman Judith Nordgren and Mentorship Academy CEO Graysen Walles, Ph.D., who share the process and meaning behind the largest spray-paint mural in Baton Rouge. Ten students filmed, edited and produced the video with state-of-the-art equipment as part of a final project for the Mentorship Academy curriculum.

“This video is an example of our students’ and faculty’s appreciation of the mural and also the programs and projects our students explore to find and improve their talents,” Walles said. “Support from STS offers our students valuable and important learning opportunities to train for rewarding careers in the chemical industry.” The short film allowed Mentorship Academy students to showcase their school and develop video-editing skills while learning more about science and art.

“The production allowed me to share our desire to complete the mural and learn how much it meant to the students,” Nordgren said. Solutions Through Science is a partnership of chlorine and vinyl producers and users in Louisiana. STS proposed the mural as an opportunity to display its support and appreciation for Louisiana STEAM education and the integral role Louisiana plays in chlorine and vinyl production.

The Mentorship Academy is a 500-student high school focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics education. The school’s project-based curriculum offers students unique opportunities to work continuously with technology and equipment including robotics labs, a visual arts studio, computer labs, and earth science labs.

Respected South Florida artists Eduardo Mendieta, Jay Bellichi, and Paul Hughes completed the Mural with PPG/Pittsburgh Paints spray paints in two weeks. “This project is a testament of how continued financial contributions by industrial Louisiana leaders, such as Solutions Through Science, can provide opportunities that inspire local students through a science and arts education,” Walls Project Director Casey Phillips said of the mural in July.

The 14-minute video can be viewed below.

Solutions Through Science is a partnership of chlorine and vinyl producers in Louisiana. Established in 2000 to be a voice for its member companies: Axiall (Formerly Georgia Gulf and PPG,) BASF, Dow, MexiChem, Olin, Occidental, and Westlake, STS works closely with the Vinyl Institute, the American Chemistry Council’s Chlorine Chemistry Division, and the Louisiana Chemical Association. Louisiana’s Chlorine producers are critical to the state’s economic growth and produce 35-40 percent of the nation’s chlorine capacity annually according to The ACC Chlorine Chemistry Division. For more information, visit

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